Schick 33 and Eaglesoft 16.1

Schick has just released an incredible new sensor, the Schick 33. This new sensor has a theoretical line pair resolution of 33. This is technical talk, but what it means to you is that this image is amazing.

This new sensor is paired with updates in Eaglesoft software that allows the clinician to view the image with optimal settings based on the desired clinical perspective. I have just returned from the Cerec 27 and a half event where I was able to show these images to doctors and staff and I loved watching their faces as I showed these images.

The Schick 33 sensor uses the same replaceable cable and remote module design that practices have come to love with the Schick Elite sensors.

Eaglesoft software has been updated to integrate with this great new sensor and the Eaglesoft 16.1 version is now available.

2 thoughts on “Schick 33 and Eaglesoft 16.1

  1. Jana,

    I work in an area of the country that is predominantly Dentrix and Dexis… Can you give me a rough idea how many Eaglesoft users there are across the country??? I have been told that Dentrix has about 30k to 35k users…

  2. Eaglesoft is the technology foundation for over 25,000 offices. More importantly, over 92% of our users say they would invest in our software again and recommend Eaglesoft to their friends. Let us know if you would like someone to contact you with more information.

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