Mr. Thirsty: A New Way to Keep the Dental Operatory Dry

For as long as traditional dental practices have been in place, so has the importance of having a dry working field. As you know, this can be achieved in many ways.

You could use cheek retractors and a saliva ejector, or maybe some cotton rolls or a dental dam. These all perform in a similar way, keeping the area dry. But what if there was a better, more efficient way to achieve cheek retraction, isolation and high volume evacuation – all at a price you can smile about?

Mr. Thirsty® is this game-changer – inserting directly into the HVE valve, allowing for greater suction when compared to similar, more expensive isolation products. It’s also portable, easy to maintain and perfect for use in multiple operatories. Your patients will experience greater comfort from the cushioned bite block and soft tongue and cheek retractor while you benefit from an unobstructed view of the quadrant.

The assistant will be able to prepare the next operatory or complete miscellaneous duties, all thanks to the hands-free nature of Mr. Thirsty®. With this saved time you can focus more on each patient and not have to rush to get to your next appointment on time.

Not only will Mr. Thirsty® save you time by not having to install clunky retractors or dreaded cotton rolls, it will also save you money and storage space with its one-sized, flexible tongue shield, which can be trimmed to fit many mouth sizes. Your patients will appreciate the custom-fit comfort as well.

To experience the benefits of Mr. Thirsty® for yourself, please contact your Patterson territory representative.