Top 10 Dental Pros in Social Media

After spending a good amount of time considering a large number of prominent dentists and industry professionals who’ve proven to be effective in all things social media, we’ve narrowed our list down to ten. By no means was this an easy task, as we consistently observe and interact with many dental pros who do a wonderful job of producing great content and nurturing relationships on various social media platforms. This list is definitely not exhaustive, but we’ve recognized these ten – each of whom does social media very well, and adds unique value to the online community.

10. Hagen Dental

  • The Hagen Dental team does an exceptional job of interacting with their online patient community. Very good with public relations and community management. Tweets from @HagenDental

9. Ann Marie Gorczyca, DMD, MPH, MS

  • Ann is very well connected in the industry. She has a spiffy website where she maintains a blog with some valuable information for her patients. Tweets from @DrGorczyca

8. Dr. William A. Peña

  • Dr. Peña is very engaged with the online community of not only his patients, but also other dental industry pros.  Rather than just promoting himself, he gives the spotlight to other leaders in the industry by sharing their content. Tweets from @Dental4Kids

7. Patricia Panucci, DMD, MS

  • Even with a rather large online following, Patricia follows back and makes a real effort to interact with her loyal fans. We were especially impressed with her YouTube channel, where she posts quality video testimonials of very happy customers, as well as other fun stuff. Tweets from @DrPattiPanucci

6. Michael Dunn

  • A self-proclaimed “dental geek … passionate about the dental industry, oral health and marketing,” Michael adds value to the online dental community with his blog, The Dunn Show. Tweets from @jmichaeldunn

5. Fred Joyal

  • Fred is an expert in dental practice marketing, and publishes a lot of content online that is very helpful to many dental practices around the world. Tweets from @fredjoyal

4. Gabriel Roybal, DDS

  • Dr. Roybal is among the top 3% of dentists performing cosmetic dentistry in the U.S., and loves to tweet. He also maintains an informative blog on his website. Tweets from @RoybalDDS

3. Elizabeth Fleming, DDS

  • Aside from being an accomplished dentist, Elizabeth entertains her patients and others with her quirky sense of humor on her social platforms. Tweets from @DesertDentist

2. Rita Zamora

  • Rita is an authority and expert in social media. She has helped and continues to help countless dentists learn how to use social media as an effective tool for relationship building and dental practice marketing. Tweets from @ritazamora

1. Jason Lipscomb, DDS

  • Also known as the “Social Media Dentist,” Dr. Lipscomb is a well-connected dentist who has a passion for educating other dentists about using social media effectively. He recently released Social Media for Dentists 3.0 with Stephen Knight, available for purchase at Tweets from @SocialMediaDent

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