The Root of It: Thanks to Dental Assistants

This week is the 36th Annual Dental Assistants Recognition Week and we want to make it a very special week for some of our Off the Cusp readers. That’s why we asked a few offices to tell us about their assistants and what makes them so special. Here’s what they had to say.

“I’d like to nominate our dental assistant Tammy. She makes our office special for many reasons, but the main reason is her connection with our patients. Tammy has the ability to put even the most apprehensive patient at ease with her relaxed demeanor and Pennsylvania charm! She takes the time to answer any questions that patients have while maintaining a personal relationship with them. I often hear Tammy and the patients laughing and joking in the operatory; it makes my job a lot easier when I come in and a formerly anxious patient is relaxed and happy!”

– William J. Scheier, DDS Advanced Family Dentistry of Cape Cod


“I would like to nominate my assistant Julie Vanderzanden. She, like a lot of dental assistants, is the unsung hero of our practice. She’s one of the hardest working individuals that I have ever met and she is the proverbial glue that helps keep our practice together. Whether she is working with me, helping the hygienists flip their rooms, or helping our receptionist up front, she is always on the move. She really does so much behind the scenes that without her our days would be absolutely chaotic!”

– Brad Hagedorn, DMD, PC, Summit Dental

Thank you Tammy, Julie and all other dental assistants for everything you do!