Yes, Your Dental Practice Can Be Fun!

Seems like a silly statement, doesn’t it? Well, I’ll take that a step further and say your dental practice SHOULD be fun. It should be a fun place, not just for your patients but for the staff and anyone else who walks through the door.

When I talk with offices about marketing their practice, the first thing I say is “Tell me what you do on a regular basis to have fun in your practice, and then tell me who you’re telling about it.” One of the best ways to market your practice is word of mouth. That word will spread if there are fun things to share.

Does your practice celebrate staff and patient birthdays? Do you dress up for Halloween? What about a support your favorite NFL team day? Do you host a Toys for Tots drive, or maybe a food drive for your local food bank?

Or let’s make it even simpler – do you have a toy box with fun items for kids, like bracelets, rings, sunglasses, superballs and such? These little items, often referred to as “tchotchkes,” can do so much to bring a smile to a child’s face after they’ve just sat through a difficult treatment with their dentist.

Take a moment to look around your office and ask yourself and your team what you are all doing to bring a smile to your practice and to the experience your patients go through. Make your office a fun place to be. It really is easy to do, and if you make this a team project, everyone can share ideas and participate.

Take a look at our new Toys and Patient Giveaways catalog for the fall and winter months. It’s filled with products and ideas to make your office fun while you are promoting your practice to your community.

Everyone knows it takes more effort to frown than smile. So what’s stopping you? Start smiling today!

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