The Art of Dentistry at Scripps Rock Dental

“I’m a big rock and roll fan and have been since I was young,” said Anthony Hatch, DDS, who has decked out his San Diego practice with rock and roll memorabilia. “My first concert was Ratt, who I went to see when I was 15.” Dr. Hatch said that there’s a similarity between music and dentistry because of the artistic nature of the two. “Musicians are often trying to replicate a sound and with dentistry I’m matching ceramic to replicate the look of a natural tooth,” he explained.

According to Dr. Hatch, the key to a successful dental practice is efficiency. “Time is money,” he explained. “I want to be as efficient as possible. I want to stay on schedule. I want my fillings to stay in – so I need proper binding technology. I want my X-rays immediately – so I need digital technology. In order to work efficiently, I need the right technology and it all has to be integrated,” he added.

Technology integration and efficiency allow Dr. Hatch to enjoy his time in and out of the practice. For the past three years, the practice has put on a charity car show/silent auction. Money raised is used to purchase musical instruments that are donated to a local school for homeless kids. “I get a lot in life and it’s good to give back,” said Dr. Hatch. “I think that keeps me balanced and grounded.”

To learn more about how technology integration helps Dr. Hatch work efficiently, watch the full story here.

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