Practice management rolls smoothly at Scripps Rock Dental

When Laura Hatch and her husband, dentist Anthony Hatch, opened the doors at their Maryland practice in 2003, they chose a rock and roll theme that has carried over to their new practice in San Diego – Scripps Rock Dental, which they opened in 2008. The rock and roll theme not only creates a fun environment, it gives the couple a reason to buy cool music-related artwork.

As the office manager, Laura is responsible for far more than finding musical relics to add to the office decor. She handles scheduling, statistics, goals, and day-to-day duties for 16 employees and 3 general dentists at the 7-operatory practice. She said that Eaglesoft practice management is key to helping make everything run smoothly for the following reasons:


The system enables users to easily view schedules, patient accounts, medical history, prescription history, proposed treatment and clinical images.

Integration of X-rays and software

On the clinical side, digital X-rays give the provider or clinician a clear view for better diagnosis. “Before we had to bridge with another software system to view X-rays. With Eaglesoft it’s integrated, removing a step from the process and providing a much better image,” said Laura.

Integration of RevenueWell and Eaglesoft

RevenueWell can send messages including reminders, a treatment plan and informational videos to patients. If a conversation about the need for a crown takes place during the provider appointment, a code is entered into the system. If the patient doesn’t schedule that day, follow-up messages can be sent via RevenueWell, providing reinforcement.


The reporting tool provides easy access to information including production, collection, referrals, the most commonly used codes and day sheets showing daily production. It makes end-of-year analysis and next year’s planning much simpler and easier.

To learn more about how the right practice management system helps Laura manage the practice, watch the full story here.

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