ReSURGE – Revolutionary New Dental Instrument Cleaner

It’s part of daily life for every dental practice: cleaning and sterilizing instruments. Yet, when surveyed which ultrasonic cleaning solution they use to clean their instruments, the majority of dental practices couldn’t name what brand is inside their cabinets. It’s an interesting disconnect, considering how important daily instrument cleaning is. Most dental ultrasonic cleaning solutions are very similar, offering basic to good cleaning capabilities and nothing more. Sultan Healthcare, however, plans to change that in a way that promises to shake up the category.

The company announced the launch of its latest infection prevention product, ReSURGETM Instrument Cleaning Solution. It is designed to clean and protect instruments – and given the proof of its claims, instrument cleaning will likely change for the better.

Specifically, ReSURGE brings a number of powerful advantages to its users and their instruments:

Better cleaning – ReSURGE is proven to clean better than 10 leading competitive solutions by achieving greater than 98% soil removal (most competitors achieved an average of 70%). ReSURGE is powered by chelating agents that work in virtually any water type, including hard water, and its low-foaming, free-rinsing formula won’t inhibit ultrasonic machines’ effectiveness.

Faster breakdown of protein soil – ReSURGE and select competitors were put to a challenge test, featuring simulated common protein soils found in dental procedures. ReSURGE was able to break down these soils faster than the leading competitors. To see a video displaying this test, click here.

Instrument protection Constant exposure to saliva, water, chemicals and cleaners can take their toll on instruments. Over time, it gives the instruments a very used, even dingy look – a poor reflection of the practice to its patients and not a way to treat important, and pricey, dental instruments. ReSURGE’s unique formula actually helps protect an instrument and reduces the potential for stains, spots and even rust. It can help keep instruments looking more like new every day.

Friendly to both the planet and the budget – ReSURGE has a neutral pH formula, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is also cost effective: at only 1/2 oz. per gallon dilution, it uses fewer chemicals.

ReSURGE Instrument Cleaning Solution is offered in a box of 24 (664-9305), 1/2 oz. unit-dose packs that make 24 gallons of solution and in a 33.8 oz (664-9313), self-measuring bottle that makes 67 gallons of solution.

To educate the dental community on ReSURGE, Sultan Healthcare has launched, a microsite that features video, highlights from clinical studies and complete product information.