CEREC Tip of the Month: The New Incisal Variation Tool in 4.2

One of the new tools in the 4.2 software is the new Incisal Variation tool. Not only can we get great looking anterior proposals with the 4.2 software, we also have the ability to enhance the facials of the software. I was playing around with the model below when evaluating the new 4.2 software and received some amazing initial proposals. Granted that these still need a bit of tweaking but not bad for an initial proposal at all.

In the past, if we wanted to enhance the surface, we would have to mill out the restorations and then do the modifications by hand. While this still is a necessity to get the final surface texture and final contours, the new Incisal Variation tool allows us to enhance the surface digitally prior to milling. Granted I went a little crazy in the photos below, but it shows what is possible to do while using the tool.

You can not only adjust the intensity of the variation, from very subtle to very detailed (which is what you see below), but you also have the ability to adjust the position of the variation. If you want it more toward the incisal edge, that is possible; if you want it more toward the cervical, that is also possible.

This is a great new feature of the 4.2 software and you can see a complete video here on cerecdoctors.com: The Incisal Variation Tool in 4.2.