clubCEREC Members Get a Local Marketing Boost

There are many advantages to being a member of the CEREC Club, but one advantage in particular gives members a resource that shares information on CEREC technology while providing a marketing boost for their practice. has created local websites that correspond to every Patterson Dental branch office location in the U.S. Each local clubCEREC site is designed to help members demonstrate patient benefits of CEREC through an informative series of stories, before and after images and video.

clubCEREC local sites also help a CEREC practice get the attention it deserves. Members are featured in the local doctor finder where patients can type in their ZIP code and find a CEREC dentist in the area. Being listed in the local doctor finder directory provides the clubCEREC member’s practice with a boost in search engine optimization (SEO), which increases the odds of patients finding a CEREC practice online.

An example of a clubCEREC local site can be seen by clicking here:

For more information on the local clubCEREC sites or the benefits of CEREC Club membership, please go to, contact your local branch or your Patterson representative, or call 1-800-873-7683.