How to Create Delightful Social Media Content

Has your social media engagement dwindled lately? Your content could be the reason. Times have changed and what would have been a great Facebook post a year ago, may not go over well today.  Facebook users in particular have become more finicky about what they allow in their newsfeed.  As social media matures, users become more savvy and less tolerant of the “noise” they had accepted in the past.

Content becomes noisy when it’s too frequent, generic, impersonal or disinteresting. It’s not just dental practices that are experiencing more content scrutiny, many businesses are reevaluating their content strategies. According to an ExactTarget report, two main reasons people unlike or hide pages are because companies post too frequently or their content becomes repetitive or boring over time.

So let’s look at how you can prevent losing fans and visibility—and more importantly, how you can delight your followers! First of all, it’s not hard to cut back on the amount of content you are posting. In fact your social media manager may welcome that change if she was overwhelmed with content production.

How many posts is enough? It varies depending on each practice. For example, a conservative general dentistry practice may do well with one Facebook post per week, while a large orthodontic practice could post many times per week.  You may hear that more posting is better because not all of your posts will be seen; however we also need to remember that quality wins over quantity.

Further, you can delight your patients by honoring their decision to like your page and subscribe to your Facebook posts. The same holds true for Twitter and Google+, etc. Social media is first and foremost a place for many to socialize and connect with friends, family, and colleagues. If you keep that in mind when you are developing content, you are more likely to delight your followers.

Let’s take that idea a bit further to include personalization in your posts. People are able to discern generic posts from genuine posts. In our work with practices across the country we continue to see more interaction, more likes, more exposure and word of mouth for practices who post personalized content. So how do you personalize your posts? Below are a few real life ideas that we’ve seen work well in action:

  • Photo of the doctor completing a 5K.
  • Photo of dogs that the doctor and his wife are fostering for a rescue society.
  • Photo of an adorable child smiling in the dental chair.
  • Meaningful motivational quote the dental team found inspiring.
  • Announcement of congratulations for the doctor being chosen as a “Top Doc” in their neighborhood.

As you can see, photos are a great option. Photos are a central function of social media—and a great way to express your personality and show your human side. Focus on posting about things you authentically enjoy, support, or believe in.  Your followers will find your unique posts both refreshing and delightful.

The biggest benefits of social media are the ability to grow trust and relationships. The best, shortest and easiest path to delighting patients is through sharing your unique self and that of your team. When your online personas match your in-person selves, the power of social media blossoms. In turn you will find your likes, interaction, and word of mouth to flourish as well.