Culture: Don’t Let It Happen by Accident

I often ask my audiences for a show of hands if they have established standards for communication, behavior and attitude for their practice. At most I have had a total of two people raise their hand. Without realizing it, we set ourselves up for failure. Building a happy, healthy and high performing office culture doesn’t just happen by accident! 

If you’re like most dental practices, your office culture just evolved. Your team started out small and working together wasn’t too difficult. There was never really any discussion regarding standards for attitude, communication and behavior. It was just expected everyone knew what was right. Differences and drama start to emerge as the team continues to grow. Relationships become more dysfunctional and team morale and performance start to plummet. Until in some cases, it reaches a point where no one looks forward to coming to work anymore.

We come from such different backgrounds with unique and individual experiences. Therefore, what we believe is appropriate is skewed by our personal experiences. Our personal experiences create our personal truths. They become how we view and judge the world on what is right or wrong. We think others must behave in the same manner as we do or their behavior is wrong, or that what we believe is how others should behave and is the only right way. These are all examples of expectations and assumptions based on our personal truths. We expect others to think, act and respond in the same way. These false expectations and assumptions are what get us into trouble. A code of conduct will eliminate the drama and dysfunction of who is right or wrong and clarify the standards for the practice. Everyone on the team will be empowered to support a happy, healthy and high performing practice culture.

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