Dental Practice Reopening Webinar Series: Target, Communicate, Market to Your Patients

As practices reopen and prepare for this next stage – planning, patient communication and marketing will be more critical than ever. We’ve partnered with Dental Intelligence, OperaDDS, RevenueWell and Solutionreach to assist you in these areas. In this webinar series we will share insights, best practices and action steps to support you on your reopen and restore journey. View the webinar preview summaries below and register for one or all four.

Recover, rebound or slingshot back – the choice is yours

Weston Lunsford

Weston Lunsford, CEO of Dental Intelligence, loves helping people and teams to achieve their potential. As co-founder and CEO, Weston leads a growing team committed to guiding dental practices in their efforts to master the business of dentistry. He especially enjoys meeting with and teaching practice owners, dentists, and other team members’ practical principles of success.

Hosted by: Weston Lunsford, CEO at Dental Intelligence
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Go paperless! The easy guide to removing touchpoints in a post COVID-19 world

Bryan Laskin, DDS

Bryan Laskin, DDS, operates a successful private dental practice in Wayzata, Minn. The practice, named Lake Minnetonka Dental, has a keen focus on efficient, aesthetic restorative dentistry. Dr. Laskin is the founder and CEO of OperaDDS suite of communication tools, from secure email and collaboration to intra-office messaging.

Hosted by: Bryan Laskin, DDS, CEO at OperaDDS
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How to manage your patient base through practice reopening

Alex Nozdrin

As you’re making a plan to reopen your practice, there’s one part that matters more than others: getting your patients to buy in. How effectively you communicate, how well you tailor your patient-facing processes, and how quickly you adapt to the changing health and policy environment will make all the difference in the coming months.

Hosted by: Alex Nozdrin, Founder of RevenueWell
When: May 14, 2020, 11 a.m. CDT
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Practice comeback plan: Ready to reopen?

Lea Chatham

As practices and healthcare organizations navigate COVID-19, the big question being asked is, “How do we bounce back from this?” The Solutionreach Practice Comeback Plan helps you prepare to open your doors. It covers get-you-back in the game-ideas for communication, preparation, and things you can do right now, including implementing telehealth solutions. Everyone loves a good comeback story. Let’s start writing yours.

Hosted by: Lea Chatham, Director of Content Marketing at Solutionreach Lea-Chatham-Solutionreach
When: May 15, 2020, 11 a.m. CDT
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Whether your practice is already accepting non-urgent dental visits again or if you’re planning to fully reopen your practice soon, the above webinars will help you get back to regular operations and in a position to thrive. Planning, patient communication and marketing are key areas of focus for a quick rebound. 

For additional resources, advice and up-to-date information, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center. View our software page at for more information on Dental Intelligence, OperaDDS, RevenueWell, Solutionreach and all of the offerings within Patterson Revolve Software Solutions.