Patient Recall Marketing Webinar Series: Power Your Patient Comeback

As dental care in the age of COVID-19 starts to feel routine again, many practice owners are looking for new ways to cut costs and run their offices more efficiently. In a new webinar series, you’ll learn how marketing and communication software solutions like Solutionreach and OperaDDS can help you kickstart your schedule and boost your patients’ return appointments with convenient, automated and measurable patient outreach tools.

In this webinar series, you’ll learn how to channel these powerful patient engagement tools to help manage your practice safety messages, generate automatic hygiene visit reminders and more. Read on to learn more about the speakers in this webinar series and to register for each.

Win Back 2020: Leveraging Hidden Revenue Opportunities for Dental Practices

Lori Boyer

Lori Boyer has spent over a decade developing content and strategy for a variety of businesses, focusing mostly on healthcare providers. She believes building and strengthening relationships is key to long-term success. Dental organizations have been hit hard from every side throughout this pandemic. In this webinar, Lori will discuss effective ways to leverage additional sources of revenue such as maximizing the return of your recall program, leveraging insurance benefits and optimizing patient scheduling.

Hosted by: Lori Boyer, Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Solutionreach
When: September 17, 2020, Noon CDT
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Go Paperless! How to Automate Unproductive Tasks, Cut Costs, and Free Up Your Team

Bryan Laskin, DDS

Bryan Laskin, DDS, operates a successful private dental practice in Wayzata, Minn. The practice, named Lake Minnetonka Dental, has a keen focus on efficient, esthetic restorative dentistry. Dr. Laskin is the founder and CEO of OperaDDS suite of communication tools, from secure email and collaboration to intra-office messaging. Dr. Laskin will demonstrate how your office can automate busy work and free up your staff by delegating unproductive tasks to simple, inexpensive software.

Hosted by: Bryan Laskin, DDS, CEO of OperaDDS
When: September 18, 2020, Noon CDT
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Patient communication will remain an important component of your practice’s patient comeback story in the age of coronavirus. Using inexpensive software tools to save your practice time while leveraging hidden revenue streams can be the key to long-term success. 

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