Electronic Remittance Advice

Would you like to save time and increase efficiency while posting insurance payments? Then Eaglesoft has a solution for you! It’s called Electronic Remittance Advice or eRA, which is actually just a fancy way of saying “electronic EOB.”

Here are some advantages of eRAs:

  • Totally paperless
  • Receive payment notification faster
  • Quicker posting and reconciliation

eRAs let you know in advance which claims have been paid and how much was paid on each claim. Having this information so quickly will allow you to contact the patients who will have remaining balances after their insurance has paid, increasing productivity for the office while better managing collections. In Eaglesoft, eRAs can be processed through the bulk payment window with check numbers, EFT numbers (if applicable) and insurance payment information automatically populated. This will speed posting of insurance payments and eliminate posting errors. No more worrying about balancing your bulk payments come end of day!

eRAs will replace or supplement the EOBs you currently receive via snail mail. In some cases (depending on the insurance company), you will receive both an eRA and a paper EOB. In other cases (again, depending on the insurance company) you may only receive the eRA. One of the very best features of the eRAs is that the EOB will forever and always be a part of that claim in Eaglesoft! No more scanning, filing and then searching for EOBs. You will see a “View EOB” button added to the View Claim window in Eaglesoft and you can view and/or reprint at any time. How easy is that?

eRAs are HIPAA compliant and have efficiencies simply not available on paper and are, in my opinion, much better than paper EOBs. If you would like more information on eRAs, please visit the Explore Store or call 800-294-8504.