Help Others By Helping Yourself with DentaCheques

Throughout the year we at Dental Lifeline Network receive letters, thank you cards and other grateful messages from the many people who receive dental care through our programs. I recently read a quote from a patient, Mr. W., a disabled veteran from Oregon. He said, “It is now possible to actually smile and not be concerned with my former toothless expression. I now look directly at people and have my self-confidence when having conversations.” What an amazing testimony to the true gratitude of patients served through Donated Dental Services (DDS).

While we are able to get care to over 13,000 people annually through DDS and other Dental Lifeline Network programs, there are still more than 17,000 people on waiting lists for our services. Thousands more hope wait lists will reopen so that they, too, can apply for care.  It seems as though the need is never-ending.

But there is a way you can help. As a dentist, when you purchase a DentaCheques product value book from a Patterson territory representative, 100% of the purchase price of $149 goes directly to help people like Mr. W.

DentaCheques is a product value book featuring coupons offering hundreds and even thousands of dollars of free or discounted dental supplies and equipment. DentaCheques contains three types of coupons:

  • Dealer Discounts: $120 discounts on orders from Patterson Dental plus $10 off a service call
  • MEGAsamples: Free products redeemed online and sent directly to you
  • Product Rebates: Discounts on products you already purchase and those you want to try

Remember that all coupons are valid all year long (until December 31) and can be used with any qualifying Patterson Dental invoice from 2012!

To order your DentaCheques 2012 book (or books!), please contact your local Patterson Dental territory representative. To learn more about Dental Lifeline Network and our programs, please visit or call 1-888-471-6334.