Increase Efficiency and Patient Relations with Eaglesoft

Looking for ways to become more efficient with your daily tasks? Let Eaglesoft help you! Eaglesoft was designed to be personalized, giving you more power to run a smart and well-organized practice.

Some people fear they may lose that “personal” touch by automating tasks when in reality, it actually gives you more time to be personable and socialize with your patients. Our goal should be to make patients feel welcomed, not rushed. You should have the time to chat a little with your patient, maybe about their last vacation, upcoming wedding or new job. The key to efficiency is gathering all pertinent information in one place so you don’t have to go searching for it or spend time gathering it prior to the patient’s appointment. Your patients will be so impressed when you remember the last conversation you had with them … six months ago!

The easiest place to start is by using the Patient Memo to make a quick note of important (personal) items you want to remember to discuss during your patient’s next visit. The Patient Memo is easily accessible from OnSchedule, the Edit Patient window, and the Chart as well. In one click you can see your note and strike up the perfect conversation, one that will make your patient say “Wow! My dental office really cares about me.” Making their appointment memorable is an easy way to ensure a positive experience, one they will be sure to share with family and friends.

Another great idea is to use Intellicare for visual indicators on the daily schedule and/or Clinical virtual screen. How many of you are still using patient route sheets and making notes of important items like an upcoming birthday or past due payment? Save time by setting up automatic Intellicare alerts. You can set the criteria (i.e., Warn me if the patient balance is over $50 or over 30 days past due) and let Eaglesoft do the work for you. You can even customize which icon to display (i.e., balloons for a birthday or a $ for past due payments), making it simple and effective. You may forget to pay attention to your patient’s birth date, but if you see balloons next to their name on the schedule it’s a quick reminder and another conversation starter.

There are so many great features in Eaglesoft, all designed to help you run the most productive, efficient office possible.

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  1. I am a new-ish user to Eaglesoft and I love this blog. SO many helpful tools to a new employee who has to train herself!! Thank you!

  2. You are welcome Kristin. Let us know if you have any recommendations for future topics!

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