Taken from the March 1954 issue of Patterson’s monthly news publication, PHC Newswheel Digest:

Dentistry is also a Business!

                 Looking ahead as always, we believe that the next few years will present important challenges to dentistry and to dentists. We believe that more people will demand dentistry and those who know dentistry will more often demand a complete dental service.

                But just as surely as production controls the future of industry, production will control the future of dentistry. You undoubtedly realize this and have already made plans to increase the productiveness of your two hands. Your plans may include the employment of additional dental nurses. You may be considering a second and third operating room. Whatever your plans, let us discuss them with you. We may be able to add a suggestion that will enable you to work more efficiently, serve more people, and do all of this more comfortably.

These words ring true today, nearly 60 years after they were written. As dental professionals are “looking ahead as always,” Patterson Dental will be there to help in any way possible, no matter what your plans for the future may be. We offer much more than products; we offer ways to “enable you to work more efficiently, serve more people, and do all of this more comfortably.”

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