The Intraoral Camera: Small Investment – Big Results

When we talk about technology, we often talk about new technology products that can be incorporated into a practice, but let’s not overlook the intraoral camera. This small, handheld device can have a huge impact on a practice and is so simple to use. You can capture video or single images and they are instantly shown on your monitor. This allows the patient to see exactly what you are seeing. Talk about a great way to educate patients! No longer do you need to point a mirror into your patient’s mouth and try to explain where the offending area is – simply show them on the monitor. You can even zoom in and enlarge an area, so the patient can get an up close look at what is happening in their mouth. And when you leave the room, hand that camera off to the patient. Let them take a tour of their own mouth. This will help to get them involved in their diagnosis and inspire conversation.

As with other digital images, the images you capture with the intraoral camera will be saved into the patient record in your practice management software. This can prove useful in several ways. First, it allows for easy comparison from one appointment to another, making it easy to see if an area of concern is getting worse. And second, if the insurance company is looking for more info or a specialist needs to see your patient, the intraoral images can serve as a proof of an existing condition.

If you haven’t already added this powerful little tool to your dental practice, I encourage you to call your Patterson rep and have them give you a demo. Once you take a tour of your mouth, you will certainly see the value.

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