8 Common Mistakes Managers Make (Part 2)

Mistake #2 – Lack of Feedback

It is imperative that you consistently provide feedback to your team. People want to know how they are doing. As a manager, you need them to know how they are doing. People want to be recognized for performing the responsibilities of their job well. They also want corrective feedback, when appropriate, delivered with tact and professionalism. Feedback is the portal to self-awareness, and if you fail to acknowledge poor performance it will likely go uncorrected. After acknowledging underperformance, if you fail to recognize improvement and effort, you may extinguish motivation to continue improving. Lastly, if you fail to recognize members for delivering optimal performance, they may feel unappreciated.

As a manager, you must be able to recognize and capitalize on the teachable moments in which well-executed feedback can help shape behavior. The challenge is getting people to consider the impact their actions will have on their work and/or personal lives, whether positive or negative.