Boost Efficiencies with Schick Digital X-Rays and Eaglesoft

There are more than a few benefits to using digital radiography over traditional film:

  • Patients are exposed to less radiation.
  • No chemicals; digital X-rays are better for our environment.
  • Faster sharing; email an X-ray to your specialist for immediate review or send as an electronic attachment to insurance claims for faster reimbursement.
  • Software enhancements available for optimal image quality.
  • Shorter appointment times and a more efficient office.

With our exclusive partner Schick, we have the privilege of helping offices boost efficiencies in many ways. Being able to access patient records quickly and easily is a must in any busy practice. Our direct integration with Schick sensors and intraoral cameras makes it possible to quickly acquire and store all of your patient images in one record, using one software – Eaglesoft. Viewing and comparing images has never been easier!

Let’s talk about that last bullet point: shorter appointments. Shortening the average length of an appointment benefits both you and the patient. The patient is happy to get their X-rays done sooner and you will realize the potential of seeing more patients in a day.

Since I have the honor of conducting in-office trainings, I’ve seen firsthand how simple software tools can make a huge difference and a positive impact in daily operations. Let me show you a couple of examples:

  1. Comparing Exams: To compare X-rays of the same tooth, simply click on the tooth in Chart and all images (X-rays and intraoral photos) of that tooth will appear along the left-hand panel, in chronological order. Right-click on an image to open a menu and from here you have quick, one-click access to View Fullscreen or Email the selected image. Another quick tip is after you have taken images for today (for example, 4 BW) simply right-click on the last set of images for this patient (the 4 BW you took last year) and choose Compare Exams. Each exam will be open full screen, one on top of the other, allowing you to see each image from each exam simultaneously.
  2. Viewing Images by Tooth Number: Search Exams by Type in the Advanced Imaging window (lower left corner). From here click the (+) next to the appropriate tooth number. All images ever taken on that tooth will appear, in chronological order. This is especially useful when following the progress of a tooth over time.

Without software and digital X-rays you would have to sort through a patient’s chart and pull out all of their X-rays – what a hassle! Digital X-rays are immediate. The second you press the exposure button your image appears on the computer monitor. You will know immediately if the image is good or bad, and a re-take can be completed in seconds. Also, not having to change films between shots is a huge time saver, especially with an FMX.

For more tips, please visit our FAQ site or consider bringing a trainer into your office for a day of advanced software training. Let us show you how to boost efficiency in your office! Our trainers are employed and certified by Patterson Dental and are highly qualified to help you realize your potential.

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  1. Hi! I have Schick wired sensors in my office and was wondering, does Schick have a preference as to which monitor will best display the nuances of the digital X-rays I’m taking?

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