Patterson Today – Fall ’12

Three times a year, we get to announce the release of a new edition of Patterson Today. Our office design, equipment and technology magazine, Patterson Today lets us tell the stories of doctors around the country who have partnered with their local Patterson team to build a new practice. These practices are working to enhance the patient experience and deliver the practice lifestyle, and we’re always excited to tell new stories about what’s happening in practices like the one down the street.

The most recent edition tells the stories of dentists at various points in their careers who all found value in new practices. Among the stories you’ll read:

  • In the heart of Manhattan, Dr. Marc Lazare and his patients get the most out of a city space
  • At 60 years old and having practiced in his previous office for more than 20 years, Dr. Joel Fischer built a new practice
  • Dr. Narpat Jain improved on his previous practice with a nicer facility and more accessibility

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