CAESY Printables in Eaglesoft

Did you know that as a value-added feature, CAESY Printables are included with Eaglesoft?

Even better? These take-home patient education materials for post-op and preventive care can be tied to service codes and printed automatically during a walkout in Eaglesoft!

This feature has been available for many years now but it’s still one of those that gets a ‘WOW!’ every time I show it. If you are not using the Printables or even aware they exist, I encourage you to review them now! The Printables are not only a great consistent method for delivering written post-op instructions but they’re also very efficient. By linking Printables to service codes, the correct instructions for that patient’s service will automatically print with the patient’s walkout statement!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to File │ Preferences. In the Printing Preferences tab, select the Print Associated CAESY Presentations During Walkout check-box then select OK to save your changes. This will allow you to automatically print any associated CAESY information with the walkout.
  2. To attach CAESY Printables to a service code, select List | Services. Select the desired service code and click Edit. In the Edit Service Code window, select the Printables button.
  3. In the CAESY Printables Assignment window, select the check-box pertaining to the desired CAESY Printable form(s). Select OK. (Hint: Select the Preview button to view a pdf file of the selected CAESY presentation.)
  4. During the Walkout Process, select the check-box “Show Preview of CAESY Printables” to preview those associated items prior to printing. If you do not wish to print the Printable, close the Printable preview screen and it will not print.

Here are just a few ideas for using the Printables:

Printable Name Procedure Code
The Hygienist D1110
Importance of Regular Exams D0120
Soft Drinks and Your Health D1310
Fluoride D1203 or D1204
Homecare – Permanent Crown D2740, D2750 or D2790
Post-Op Instructions – Extraction D7140

Once the patient has information on preventive care and/or their post-op instructions, they are empowered with everything they need to make smart decisions for their oral health.

For a listing of the CAESY Printables included in Eaglesoft, please see FAQ 8475. Thank you for stopping by and as always, please call Eaglesoft support with any questions or concerns at 800-475-5036.