The Root of It: New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!  Now it is time to get to work on those resolutions. (In case you missed it, Mahlia Matsch, from our human resources department, had a wonderful post last week on making your resolutions a success.) Last week we asked a few of our readers to help us get to “The Root of It” and tell us what New Year’s resolutions they have for their practices.

2012 was Dee for Dentist’s first full year in operation and most of that year was spent learning how to run a dental office. For 2013, our New Year’s resolution is to grow our practice by focusing on three main areas:

1) Efficiency: As an office we must be more efficient in how we handle day-to-day issues like scheduling, charting, treatment planning, etc.

2) Staff: In addition to ongoing staff training, the time has come to bring on a hygienist that shares our vision and is respected by our patients

3) Giving Back: It has always been a part of our mission to give back to the community and as our practice grows, our giving must keep pace

Dee Dee Meevasin, DMD

Dee for Dentist

My New Year’s resolution for our practice in 2013 is to expand our online presence through social media.  My goal is to post daily on our practice Facebook page.  It is a really hard thing for one person to do so we are committed to forming a Media team and each day one person will be responsible for coming up with a blog, phrase, question or cartoon to get visibility of our practice out to the media.  Check out our Facebook page and let us know how we are doing.

Lissa Brummet, Office Manager

Whitinsville Family Dentistry, PC

These are great resolutions Dr. Meevasin and Lissa! If your office would like to help us get to “The Root of It”, simply email us at with the names and titles of the individuals from your office who would like to participate.  We’ll be sure to include you in an upcoming post.

What New Year’s resolutions do you have for your practice?

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  1. Our New Year’s Resolution is to increase awareness of oral appliance therapy as an alternative treatment for Snoring and Sleep Apnea for our patients as well as area health care providers. Our goal in 2013 is to help all our patients reclaim quiet, restful sleep in order to improve their quality of life and overall systemic health.

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