8 Common Mistakes Managers Make (Part 4)

Mistake #4 – Failing to Set Goals and Expectations

It’s simple…when people don’t have a complete and accurate understanding of their goals and expectations, they are less productive. Research tells us that approximately 80% of performance issues are due to poorly communicated goals and expectations. If you have not clearly set goals and expectations with your team, they have no reason to meet or exceed them. Employees who do not have this clarity of purpose typically muddle through their day, acting cautiously and without conviction. They struggle to prioritize their “to do” list effectively, which often leads to work being completed in the wrong order or behind schedule. Every employee should know what they are supposed to do and in what order (goals). Equally, if not more importantly, they need to know how to go about doing so (expectations). Lastly, to take it one step further, they should also know why they are doing it and what their contribution means to the business (vision).

If you can clearly communicate to your team what they need to do, how they need to do it, and connect that to why their contribution is critical to the success of the business, you will find yourself surrounded by motivated, engaged and committed people.