Eaglesoft eServices: All for one, one for all

The newest addition to Patterson Dental’s Explore Store (www.PattersonDental.com/AppStore) isn’t just one tool to help practices run better. It’s a whole team!

All of Eaglesoft’s eServices can now be found on the Explore Store. A full array of practice management tools, eServices work together seamlessly to help make practices run more smoothly. eService tools send patient statements, process insurance claims, check status on outstanding claims, check patient benefits, submit attachments and process credit card payments.

In addition, eServices allow practices to maintain control without dedicating the staff time to make phone calls, print claims, print statements and process paperwork. With all these services available via the Explore Store, it’s simple to understand how each can complement the modern dental practice. Plus, an online demonstration or registration is just a click away.

Eaglesoft eServices available on the Explore Store:

  • eStatements – create customized statements that mail directly to patients
  • eClaims – reduce claim rejections
  • eClaims Status – instantly check claim status
  • Eligibility – locate patient benefit information electronically
  • eRA – enhance compliance, avoid entry errors and reduce payment processing time
  • eAttachments – send attachments directly from software
  • eReminders – automate appointment reminders through text, email and phone
  • Credit Cards – reduce credit card fees and enjoy faster checkout


Visit the Explore Store or call 800-294-8504 for more information.