8 Common Mistakes Managers Make (Part 3)

Mistake #3 – Not Delegating

One of the biggest challenges for leaders is “letting go” of tasks and responsibilities that could be more efficiently handled by members of the team. As a business owner and/or manager, you are always managing scarce resources: time, money and people. One scarce resource that many managers fail to manage properly is themselves. Every minute you spend on a task that could be delegated to a member of your team is a minute you are ignoring some critical tasks that cannot be delegated. Creating vision, setting goals, strategic planning, eliminating barriers to productivity and communication –  these are just a few of the tasks that may suffer if you are not delegating often, or effectively enough. Perhaps most importantly, delegation is critical to freeing you up to develop your team. Your team’s development will ultimately alleviate some of the pressure off of you.

Give your team the autonomy and empowerment to get their jobs done, even if it means they’ll make a few mistakes. Your job is to be there to help them learn from it.