Patient Messaging During COVID-19: Digital Communication Tools from Solutionreach

As dental practices across the country welcome back patients and settle in to a “new normal,” extra personal protective equipment (PPE) and new office protocols aimed at protecting patients and staff from infection are not the only areas of concern. Dental practices also need to consider what, when and how to communicate to patients to assure them your practice is doing everything possible to maintain a safe environment.

As part of its webinar series on supporting a new digital patient journey, Solutionreach recently shared some of the key areas of focus when communicating with patients during COVID-19. As patients look for a variety of up-to-date information, their healthcare provider could likely be their best source of trusted information.

“You have a huge amount of influence in being able to get people to come back into your practice and that really is all about communication,” said Lori Boyer, senior content writer at Solutionreach. Further, “extensive studies over the last three decades show that the kind of communication a person gets from their health care organization has a profound effect on their health outcomes as well as their satisfaction and the experience of care that they received.”

In this webinar, Solutionreach explores some of the most important aspects of patient communication during COVID-19 and beyond:

  • What type of information should be sent to patients
  • How to ensure patients are receiving (and reading) your messages
  • The types of patient messaging that are most effective
  • The emergence of hybrid care (combining in-person visits with teledentistry)
  • Optimal frequency and cadence of communication

As mentioned in the webinar, the hybrid care package from Solutionreach allows practices to offer both in-office and remote care from a single patient engagement software solution:

  • SR Intake to digitally send patient intake forms
  • SR Telehealth to support telehealth appointments
  • SR Pay to provide a touchless payment experience

With all the changes from COVID-19, large parts of a person’s healthcare journey are now taking place digitally. Solutionreach patient management software helps practices improve patient experience and connect with patients in the ways they want to connect. Visit to see how you can build stronger patient relationships with Solutionreach.

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