What Does Your Facebook Page Say About You?

What is the personality of your Facebook page? Is it friendly, fun, positive, cheerful, inspiring, serious, gross, depressing or boring? Whether you set an intention for what you want your page to deliver – or not – at some point it will say a lot about you.

First and foremost, consider what most people want from Facebook. There is no “dislike” button for a reason. People are socializing, smiling, liking things and sharing meaningful photos, links or videos with friends, family and colleagues.

So think twice the next time you want to post a root canal video, nasty perio mouth or bare implant abutment photo. While we in the dental industry may find that fascinating, for the most part the general consumer does not.

Take a look at your page right now. What sort of photos do people see when they visit? Are there smiling faces, pictures of real people and pleasant or interesting things to look at? If your page is dominated by clinical information and photos of teeth, hopefully you are catering to a clinical audience. The good news is you can easily change your posting strategy and make over your page at any time.

What does your Facebook page say about you? Do you like what you see?

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