Twitter – How to Make the Most of Your Tweets

There’s a common reason many dental practices don’t see benefits from their tweets. Some people have the impression that social media is only about technology. The tendency then is to think automation or streamlined marketing. However, Twitter, like all social media, is really all about people and building relationships. What does that mean exactly?

I like to use the analogy of attending a local business networking meeting. Let’s say you and your team agreed to attend networking meetings with the goals to network, meet new people in the community and increase new patients (note, these should be the same goals for using Twitter). Imagine you or a team member attended the meeting, walked in, left a bunch of business cards on the table and then walked out – that seems silly, right? How would you expect to get new patients from that activity? You wouldn’t.

Likewise, you will not receive new patients from tweeting your heart out without interacting or talking with people on Twitter. If you want to see results from using Twitter, you must commit to “attending” on a regular basis. Remember, that doesn’t mean walking in and leaving business cards on the table (tweeting without interacting). Rather, it means taking interest in others – asking other business owners in your community what they do, how you can help them, what type of referral works best for them and so on….

Too often I hear practices say, “We just don’t get Twitter.” It’s impossible to “get” Twitter if you are simply posting tweets about yourself (walking in and leaving business cards). You must interact with others or your tweeting efforts will likely be worthless.

At this point, if you are thinking you just don’t have time for this, if you don’t feel you have time, or interest, to interact, network and talk with people in your community, then perhaps Twitter is not an ideal strategy for you. While I’m passionate about social media, I fully understand it’s not for everyone. I see it as a benefit to know what you enjoy – which often leads to what you are good at.

If you already enjoy Twitter, you are probably doing something right, such as meeting people, having conversations and growing relationships. On the other hand, if you’ve been frustrated with Twitter and this article gave you a new perspective, then I encourage you to keep at it. Follow Patterson Dental @PattersonDental and you can find me @RitaZamora. Tweet, tweet!

4 thoughts on “Twitter – How to Make the Most of Your Tweets

  1. Absolutely brilliant advice as usual Rita. Oh how I wish reading this (and learning from it) could be made compulsory for all dentists and dental practices.

  2. Well Hello there Dave! Thank you for reading and for your kind words! I agree, for many practices, there is a lot to be learned yet … and a lot to be taught and shared which is what I think Patterson Dental is aiming to help with here 🙂 Keep in touch!

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