For Success in Social Media Marketing, Follow the 4 E’s

Engage, Educate, Encourage, Entertain Social media, this explosive sphere that fosters social interaction and helps businesses connect with prospects and customers, is long past the emergent stage. More than that, it’s safe to say that this interactive phenomenon that began to spread like wildfire sometime […]

6 Simple Steps For An Awesome Halloween Candy Buy-Back Event!

After Halloween, have you ever held a candy buy-back event for trick-or-treaters in your community? It’s a great way to: strengthen patient relationships promote better health garner publicity create a story that spreads, and give prospective new patients an opportunity to visit your practice and […]

Patterson Technology Center Customer Service Appreciation Week

Although the grand opening of the distinguished 100,000-square-foot facility occurred just under a year ago in Effingham, Illinois, the Patterson Technology Center (PTC) has a rich history of supporting customers and providing innovative technology to the dental industry that dates back to the 1990s. The […]