Playing the Charity Card – Take the Gamble Out of Doing Philanthropic Work

Part I: I’ve found that all oral health professionals have the talent and desire to give back to their community. These teeth-loving heroes like to use their superpowers to change the lives of families in need in their backyard and beyond. However, there are so […]

Increasing Treatment Plan Acceptance with Automatic Follow-Ups

If you’re like most practices out there, you could walk in tomorrow morning, run some  good reports in your practice management system and easily find $500,000 to $1,000,000 in diagnosed treatment that your patients never completed. Why didn’t they? Well, everybody’s got their reasons: they […]

Patterson Today

As Patterson Dental’s director of marketing, equipment, I have had the pleasure of working on our Patterson Today publication for many years. The office design, equipment and technology magazine provides our readers with inspiring stories from doctors around the country who have partnered with their […]